We are always looking for new members and would like to welcome you to join Sligo Yacht Club! You can download our membership form below.

Subscriptions 2021

Subscriptions apply for the calendar year and entitle a person to be a member of Sligo yacht Club for the duration of the year for which the fee has been paid.

Full (without changing room fob)€200
Full (with changing room fob)€260
Family (includes one chaning room fob)€400
Junior (under 19 OR in full time education)€120
Student (19 and over AND in full time education)€150
Senior (over 65 includes changing room fob)€200

Membership Categories

Full Member

Individual membership is available to those who have attained nineteen years. Full membership entitles a peson to:

  • Rescue and racing on Sligo Bay at the designated times assigned to the various sailing classes. This includes the use of the services of the boat man to act as race officer for club racing, to provide ferrying services and additional boats to provide rescue cover.
  • Boat parking throughout the year on the designated grounds surrounding the clubhouse and use of the slipway
  • Full use of the social facilities of the clubhouse. For use of the changing facilities a fob can be purchased/activated for an additional €60 per annum. Changing facilities cannot be accessed without a fob.
  • Full members may vote at the AGM and may be elected as committee members of the club.
  • Ability to represent Sligo Yacht Club at both national and international events and membership of Irish Sailing.
  • Full members may be Flag Officers of the club1

Family Member

A family membership may include husband, wife, sons and daughters up to the age of ninteen (or in full time education). The determination as to whether ornot a person qualifies for family membership will be at the absolute discretion of the Committee. Family members are entitled to the same benefits as full members except they are entitled to one fob and one vote at the AGM. Additional fobs can be purchased for adult family members.

Junior Member

Individual membership at a reduced subscription is available to those who have not yet attained nineteen years and to persons who are in full time education. Any such person is entitled to use the full facilities of the club including the changing facilities, slipway and social facilities such as the members bar. The member may also avail of the services of the boat man to act as OD for club racing and to provide ferrying services.

Student Member

Individual membership at a reduced rate is available for those 19 years and over and in full time education. Student members have the same privileges and obligations as full member. They are entitled to a fob for access to the changing facilities and to vote at the AGM.

Senior Member

Any member, whether family or individual, aged 65 and over shall have the option of becoming a senior member at a reduced subscription, while retaining the same privileges as a full member

Honorary Member

The Committee may from time to time make available honarary life membership to an individual. An honarary member shall have the same rights and obligations as a full member, but will not be required to pay an annual subscription.

Temporary Member

Anyone participating in Junior or Adult sailing courses or a “Try sailing” day are deemed temporary members of the club for the duration.
A Member may request Temporary Membership for a person who wishes to participate in club activities on a short term (visitor) or trial basis. Any such proposal should include the basis on which Temporary Membership is being requested.
Temporary Membership may be granted with the approval of a member of theCommittee and upon payment of the appropriate subscription. Facilities available to Temporary Members will be defined by the Committee. Temporary members may beapproved for a period of not more than a month in any calendar year. All Temporary memberships shall expire on the day before the Annual General Meeting following their acceptance as Temporary Member. Temporary members are not entitled to vote or be nominated at an AGM

Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is open to members of other clubs and sporting groups who are aged 19 and over. Individuals may also be considered at the discretion of SYC committee. Affiliate members are generally approved through an affiliated group. They will have use of the clubhouse changing facilities outside of busy sailing periods and access to the social facilities of the clubhouse. Affiliate members are not entitled to vote or be nominated at an AGM.