J24 Information

Below you will find some links and articles that are worth the attention of any Keel boat skipper or crew.  All of the articles are freely available and we endeavour to always credit the original site and author, if the details are not correct please contact us and we will correct them.

Many thanks to the originators of this work for sharing their knowledge with us.

J24 Specific Advice

General Cruiser Sailing Advice

Mainsail Trim Page by North Sails

Geneo Trim Page by North Sails

Getting a Handle on Mainsail Twist by David Flynn of Quantum Sails Design Group

NZ Simple Sailing Resource This is an interesting collection of articles for sailors of any class that covers an overall approach to sailing and some really simple guides to help improve your performance.

Mast Tuning Guide by Captain Mike Brown. This concise guide explains the basic principles of mast Tuning and outlines simple methods to get your mast setup well. It was written for boats typcially found on Lake Nockamixon, but the principles remain the same and the tips are still equally useful for any Cruiser.

North U Books While these are not free, we have put them up on this page because we would consider them to be, without doubt, the best resource that any keelboat skipper or crew can get their hands on.  Written by Bill Gladstone, they are well worth the price and we strongly advise anyone considering to purchase them to focus on the “Trim” book first and only when you have gotten your boat handling and boat speed up to pace even consider looking at the “Tactics” book.

Assymmetric Sailing Tips

Assymmetric Downwind Sailing by Steve Thompson (TBoats). Includes a good baseline chart for Gybing angles and Boatspeeds.

5 Keys to Assymmetric Speed & Teamwork  a Sailing World Article by Kerry Klingler J80 World Champion