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General Information

Courses Offered:

SYC certified

  • “SYC Sailing Summer Camp” SYC Certified

ISA Small Boat Sailing Scheme

  • Level 1: “Start Sailing”
  • Level 2: “Basic Skills”
  • Level 3: “Improving Skills”
  • Level 4: “Advance Boat Handling”
  • Level 5: “Go Racing”

Conditions for acceptance for JSC

  •  Applicant must be at least 9 yrs or have previous sailing experience
  • All applicants shall have the following swim ability of 25 metre swim, 2 minutes treading water and 10 seconds under water.  This may be tested and it is done in normal sailing gear without lifejacket.  The aim of the test is for both confidence and competence in the water, both essential in sailing.
  • We strongly recommend that all applicants of Basic Skills (Lvl2) and above, in particular those that have not regularly sailed since their last sailing course, book a minimum of two weeks.
  • All applicants of Improving Skills (Lvl3) and above must have their own boat or a regular place in a dinghy.
  • Parents or an adult family representative is encouraged to assist in aspects of the shored based activities i.e. Catering, slipway duty etc.

Booking Conditions

SYC reserve the right to cancel a course if there are insufficient bookings.  Fees will be refunded if we cancel a course. 

All trainees agree to abide by Sligo Yacht Club - Code of Conduct.  

Sailing is a weather dependant sport and every effort will be made to make the best use of the prevailing and forecast conditions at the time of the course. However, safety is paramount and sailing may be curtailed due to adverse weather conditions.

Trainees or their legal guardians (in the case of trainees under 18yrs of age) agree that SYC may take their photograph or videos during the course and may use such material for training or on our website or other publicity material.

Sailing Gear:

  • Wetsuit: half or full, full helps against knocks and bruises climbing in and out of boats.
  • Cag: A weather/wind protector jacket (not essential)
  • Buoyancy Aid: snug, secure fit.
  • Wetsuit booties are ideal, but an old pair of trainers will do. They are to protect the feet when launching boats and aid warmth.
  • Swimwear for under the wetsuit
  • Rash Vest: helps prevent friction with the salt water and neoprene.
  • Towel and Shower Toiletries
  • Any medication taken, such as inhalers
  • Sun Cream
  • Sun Glasses (secure fit - likely to get dropped in water.)
  • Warm, woolly hat. Helps protect against knocks (from boom mostly!)
  • Sailing Gloves: fingerless gloves are useful.
  • Suitable warm change of clothing for after sailing. e.g. hoodie/fleece.
  • Wet Bag/Tub/Box for wet gear
  • Long hair: please tie-up.

We have a limited number of Buoyancy aids for rent - €20 per week.  (Please speak to Senior Sailing Instructor or Course Manager to organise if needed.)

There will be days when weather conditions will prevent some or all course participants going on the water. This cannot be avoided and shore-based activities (a trip to the RNLI Station or sailing related activities on the beach) will be organised in lieu.  For this reason, course participants are required to bring dry clothes with them to change into during the day when necessary.

All possessions should be taken home every evening and sailing gear should be rinsed.


Our sailing courses are primarily aimed at your child having fun. However, we also endeavour to assist your child p rogress their sailing abilities, to become a competent and confident sailor. Sailing skill development happens at different paces for different children.

This year, we are again using the digital ISA Passport. This is a cloud based system that means you can keep track of the skills your child has acquired and allows the course manager to see your child’s current skill level. If your child has not been an active and regular sailor since their last sailing course, we may need to reassess their sailing skills to ensure there are in the most suitable training group. In the interest of your child's safety and enjoyment we request that the decision of our Senior Instructor with regard to your child's abilities is respected.


At the end of each week, on Friday Afternoonapprox 4.30pm,  all participants will be rewarded with a presentation by the Instructors.  Each child we will informed of their progress during the course and which modules and/or levels they completed.  We encourage Parents of all participants to join us and their children during this ceremony and celebrate their child's progress.

Course Times: 

Each course runs from 9.30 – 5.00pm Monday to Friday.  SYC is not responsible for any course participant outside these times.

Thursday Nights: A Supervised Sailing evening will take place every Thursday Night. This will give past and current course participants an opportunity to experience club racing under the supervision of qualified instructors.  This will improve your child’s retention of skills learned on the course. In addition it is a great opportunity for you as parents to see your child on the water.

SYC Hoodies:

SYC Hoodies are available for purchase and a sample of colours and sizes are available in the members bar or through Aisling Gillen or Nikki Curran. Prices are €25 for children aged up to 12 yrs approx and €40 for the adult sizes. The lead time for these is about 2 weeks and payment is needed in advance.

For further information on the courses available or our booking process please contact Nikki Corcoran on training@sligoyachtclub.ie or on 087.2607882. 


Adult Sailing



Starts 26th April

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